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Repair FAQ

We know car troubles aren’t easy to have to deal with, definitely not fun and in many cases unavoidable if you want to be back on the road. We want to make repairing your vehicle as simple and as stress free as possible, so we’ve provided a simple Repair FAQ below. We’re happy to help you at United Transmission and Diff Shop.

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    Think About it Like This:
    The technician is your cars’ ”Doctor” and we know how important it is to have an accurate diagnosis so you know exactly what repairs there will be.

    Here are a few basic steps that might make the process easier:

    1. Make sure the “squeak ,grinding slip, shake or pull” you describe to the repair professional is what they hear or feel when test driving the car. If possible, try to show the technician exactly when your vehicle malfunctions.

    2. Have all the diagnostic procedures performed on your vehicle necessary to provide an accurate and cost efficient repair estimate. (There are times when accurate diagnosis require ‘high tech”, very expensive diagnostic test equipment before even the most professional technician can render a qualified opinion). The results of the testing can determine which system(s) in the Transmission have failed and then the extent of the inside damage can now he determined (Make sure this is done before cost is discussed).


    There are many symptoms of a failing Transmission that are also shared symptoms of other things that can be wrong with your vehicle other than the Transmission. The best way to know for sure is to bring the vehicle into our TRANSMISSION SPECIALISTS at United Transmission.

    Here’s why:

    It would be a perfect world if vehicles could actually “talk” to tell us when it isn’t feeling right and then tell us what to do to fix it. So now the car isn’t driving right and you’re sure it’s the Transmission. You try to pass another vehicle and all of a sudden it feels like someone slammed on the brakes or the car is stalling at every stoplight and when driving at faster speeds you feel a “shudder.” These problems commonly attributed to the Transmission have many times been due to something else.

    We know vehicles can’t really ‘talk”, at least not yet anyway. But thanks to Automotive Engineers and their idea to put Computers Inside all late model vehicles. Today”s cars use one computer and/or multiple computers sharing information with each other to control the Engine and in many cases the Transmission.

    The Computer inside a vehicle uses Sensors to keep track of important information that the vehicle gives out. Like how fast it’s going, throttle position, the input speed of the Transmission, and the different switch positions. We drive many different speeds: acceleration increases and decreases as we drive on and off highways, as we’re passing other drivers and even when coasting or slowing down with traffic to an idle.

    The Computer in a vehicle knows how you’re driving because it uses sensors throughout the vehicle to monitor the cars’ Engine and Transmission performance. So we drive on and off Freeways demanding constant changes in speeds, using everyday maneuvers like passing, slowing down as we approach a stop and even at idle, the Computer acknowledges this from monitoring certain Sensors. And then to improve fuel economy, the Computer can engage a Clutch inside the Torque Converter.

    The problems on the Freeway or at the light, could be a number of things. Without special equipment and an experienced Transmission, professional you can’t tell if a “shudder” or “pulling” is caused by the Torque Converter, a slipping Transmission a dirty Fuel injector or maybe a weak spark. It could be a number of things. The best way to know for sure is to take your car to a Transmission Specialist, like us! We at United Transmission can help, please give us a call us at 510-527-6878.


    Although a garage may have good intentions, Transmission Technicians who quote prices for Transmission repair over the phone, actually do more harm than good. An accurate diagnosis requires a thorough inspection. If you were told over the phone, you needed major surgery without being properly diagnosed, you would definitely consider getting a second opinion.

    We wish all Mechanics were honest but as in any business there can be those comfortable with cheating consumers. Especially when many consumers that are truly cheated are entirely unaware they have been made a victim. The person who cheats consumers knows that this is in their favor. And those who aren’t very knowledgeable in car repair can sadly become a victim.

    How do I know I’m not being cheated or ripped-off?
    We know that there are very few garages that are actually fraudulent or out to cheat you. But it doesn’t change the fact that they do exist. We believe the best way to protect yourself is to follow several rules.

    An educated technician keeps themselves up on all the latest technology and recommended upgrades (better) way of doing Transmission repair.
    To be safe, make sure to:

    • Always be involved In your repair
    • Always ask questions
    • Don t be afraid to ask for something to be explained to you. We have experienced personnel with over 40 years in the powertrain repair business.

    Having your Transmission rebuilt by an ATRA (AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION REBUILDER’S ASSOCIATION) member means you can be protected by the associations “GOLDEN RULE WARRANTY PLAN ” This warranty program sponsored by ATRA can require your rebuilt Transmission be fixed for free by an ATRA members shop should something go wrong with your Automatic Transmission during the warranty’s lifetime.

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